Monday, March 17, 2014



Oregon Black Pioneers will open its’ third exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society Museum in Portland on February 2, 2015 called: A Community on the Move.   This exhibit engages visitors of all ages and backgrounds with the courage and perseverance of Portland’s black residents from 1940 to the onset of urban renewal in the mid-1950s.  Key messages trace the impact to Portland’s early community with the WWII shipyards, migration of southern black families to Portland, the Vanport flood and the beginning of urban renewal.   

An Exhibit Community Advisory Committee made up of Portland community members, subject matter experts, and members of the Oregon Black Pioneer board started work last fall to do planning for this exhibit and for a variety of public programming events in support of it.   Plans for community dialogues, educational opportunities for youth and public events are being developed for a variety of locations in the Portland area. 

This exhibit will be funded thanks to generous grants, sponsorships and individual donations.   If you are willing to make a donation toward this event, please see our Donation Section on this website and specify the amount you would like to designate to this exhibit. 

We have a number of grant requests pending and have already received grant approvals from The Oregon Heritage Commission, Oregon Humanities and the Rose E. Tucker Foundation. 

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